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Where to Find Photos of Space



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Once man could only dream of flying into space, seeing the planets and the stars close up and even walking on the moon. In the last half a century we have seen such significant changes that all of these things have become possible. Space, and the mystery that surrounds it, holds such a fascination for so many and the possibility that one day more individuals will be able to take commercial flights into space is rapidly becoming a reality that will see many people realise their long held dreams. In the meantime for the majority the closest they will come to looking at the planets and the stars is through photos of space

With increases in the technology behind cameras in the last couple of decades there are some truly spectacular photos of space out there so if you want to lose yourself in this fascinating subject where should you be looking for some of the best photos out there?

NASA / UK Space Agency

As you would imagine NASA has a very comprehensive gallery of photos available to view via their website. In fact they even post an Astronomy Picture of the Day. Their image library has been gathered over the course of a number of years and includes photos that have been captured not only from their own headquarters but also from 2 of their space centres and also 2 flight space centres. 

The UK Space Agency also posts images of space and have a range of social media pages where these can be found. With such a significant involvement in the business of space exploration you can be certain that both of these make an excellent place to start looking for photographs. 


The Hubble Space Telescope which was released into space in April 1990 from the space shuttle Discovery has been taking and sharing images for just over three decades. These images can be found on the telescope’s dedicated website and are included in their incredibly comprehensive gallery of photos. Not only can you look at photos of space but there are also descriptions and pull outs on some of the images allowing you an even closer view. There are also some rather spectacular images of the telescope itself in its orbit setting. 

Photo sharing sites

Astrophotographers all over the world want an audience for their photos and getting them out there where people can see them is incredibly important. Photo sharing sites offer them the perfect place to reach a wider audience, get feedback and if they want to make some money from their photographs sell them as well. These photos may not be to quite the same resolution as those you will find on the government websites suggested above, but they will certainly offer a completely different view of space that is no less appealing.


Books are a great place to find huge collections of images of space as well. These have usually been carefully put together to offer you as much pictorial information as possible and if you want more than just photos to look at will have plenty of information to guide you through your journey of discovery. 

Whether you are looking for images of space because it fascinates you and you want to learn more, because you want to become an astrophotographer and take images like this yourself or simply because you find images of space to be particularly beautiful (and they can be) then these suggestions make a great place to start on your quest to find photos of space.

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Why Should You Have a Good Idea About the Ordinal Numbers?



The ordinal numbers are the numbers that will help in indicating the exact position of something or somebody at a place and if the number of objects or persons will be specified into a particular list that the position will be perfectly defined by the ordinal number. The adjective terms can even be used in terms of knowing that something is of the order of first, second, third, and so on.

Following are some of the very basic examples of the ordinal number:

  • Rama came first into the class
  • Sarita was standing in the third row

 The ordinal numbers always come with different kinds of pronunciation than the normal numbers like one will be considered as first, two will be considered as second, three will be considered as third and so on till infinity. Normally two types of numbers can be perfectly used by the people to represent the objects of the people and explained as follows:

  • Cardinal numbers: These are the counting numbers that can be used in terms of representing the number of objects of the people and are always referred to as the cardinal numbers. For example 1, three, five, seven, 10 and so on.
  • Nominal numbers: These are the numbers that can be applied to the name of the objects into the group and will always be referred to as the nominal numbers because, with the utilisation of all these numbers, it becomes very easy to identify the objects and think or a collection of things. For example pin codes of different cities, play a number into a particular match and several other kinds of things.

What are the basic differences between cardinal and ordinal numbers?

 The number that will help in denoting the count of any kind of object and any kind of natural number like one, two, and three will be referred to as a cardinal number. On the other hand, the case of the ordinal number will help in telling the position or place of the object what example first, second, third, fifth can be considered as the ordinal numbers. The position of the runners in running events can be perfectly presented with the help of ordinal numbers and further be clear about the chart of ordinal and cardinal numbers is very much important for the kids so that they can make different kinds of decisions very easily.

 The ordinal numbers are very much successful in terms of indicating the position or order of something concerning the numbers and understanding the whole comprehensive concept is very much important on the behalf of kids so that they can make the right kind of decisions without any kind of hassle throughout the process. This concept will further make sure that kids will be able to solve the questions in a stress-free manner without any kind of problem. Further depending upon the platforms like Cuemath is a wonderful idea for the people so that they can get everything clear from the house of experts and further become very much successful in terms of making sure that people will be able to become very much clear about the concept of odd numbers, even numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers and several other kinds of Number systems.

 One of the most important advantages of depending on Cuemath is that everything will be undertaken by the experts and the platform will also help in coming up with video lectures that will enhance the interactiveness of the whole process and will ensure that kids will be enjoying the subject rather than finding it very much daunting or fearing. This will further help in making sure that kids will be having proper access to the best quality worksheets that will allow them to develop a good amount of skills associated with the audited numbers and further they will be successful in terms of solving the questions very easily.

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