5 Smart Study Hacks Every Student Should Know

For college students, academic stress is the reason for 87 percent of the stress in their life. You need to master the proper study hacks and study tips to get good grades and increase academic performance. Conquering effective studying techniques will set you straight early on!

Good study tips include using technology, studying in groups, and eliminating distractions. Don’t let exam preparation weigh you down! 

Get the good grades you deserve by following these 5 study hacks.

1. Study Hacks Begin With Using Technology

Technology can be one of the biggest study hacks to improve your memory. Smartphones, computers, and software can help you understand complicated material even better.

Try to slow down video of lectures and examples as part of the effective studying process. 

2. Studying in Groups

Studying in groups helps with exam preparation. Putting together other students in your class enables you to understand the most complicated material. 

You can help fill the gaps with information that you might have trouble understanding. Others in your study group can create impromptu questions. 

When others in your group can clear up the confusion about a topic, it benefits everyone and can improve your memory.

3. Eliminating Distractions

Improve your memory by eliminating any and all distractions. Find a quiet room. Turn off the phone.

Getting away from the computer can also help because it helps resist the urge to look up things that might cross your mind. Use the most comfortable couch or chair in your living space for effective studying habits. 

Find comfortable lighting and even a good pillow. 

4. Take a Study Break

Exam preparation can take a lot of time, especially at the end of the semester or during mid-terms. Juggling multiple classes simultaneously also means handling different information for different courses. 

Take a study break, and it will improve your academic performance. A break from exam preparation will rest your mind and allow you to spend time on something other than your classes.

Be sure to schedule your break time and don’t get out of control! Using a break to binge eat or drink excessively can make you feel sluggish or tired. The last thing you need is less focus. 

5. Don’t Pull an All-Nighter

Cramming the night before is not an effective way to study for an exam. While you may be ready to explain some information, you won’t retain it for the long term. 

When you cram and stay up the night before an exam, you become tired. You lose focus. You also can’t concentrate, and your mind will wander. All-nighters won’t improve your memory.

Five Study Hacks That Benefit You

Don’t stress over your next exam. Five study hacks that can help you get good grades are using technology, studying in groups, and getting rid of distractions. Take your study breaks, and don’t pull an all-nighter! 

Improving your grades will mean better education and better future earnings. 

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