6 million debit and credit card information leaked on the Dark Web


The Internet has once again proved that our personal and financial information is not secure in any way. This time, the secret information of debit and credit cards of about 6 million people spread on the Dark Web. The 2GB database has been leaked to the Dark Web via a Google Drive link. And last but not least, the PAN number of five lakh card-holders has been found on the Dark Web which is extremely alarming in this age of digital revolution!

Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, commented on the leaked data. “As our sensitive data has come to the Dark Web, it is clear that various agencies need to be much tougher on data handling policies,” he said. These revised data terms should apply to everyone, whether internal users or third party vendors. Remember, scammers are always trying new tricks to fool people. Sometimes people are deceived by using KYC with digital wallet, and sometimes people are deceived by the name of quick loan or easy credit card. As a result, many are now suffering economically. ”

Talking about the way to solve the problem in this situation, Sonit Jain added, “Various organizations always warn their customers not to share personal matters like OTP, CVV or card and account numbers with others. However, it should be kept in mind that in this case, the responsibility of all those institutions or organizations is not less. They need to build much more effective data security, which can prevent data theft attempts at an early stage. That’s why it’s important to have strict data privacy laws and a special responsibility for the company to protect consumer data. ”

Needless to say, the trend of stealing personal and financial information through the internet has now increased tremendously. Various popular applications are repeatedly violating data usage terms. GoSMS Pro is an app that is not at all aware of the privacy of users. It was recently removed from the Google Play Store. Recently, organizations like BigBasket have also leaked the personal information of 20 million people to unscrupulous individuals and organizations. There is no doubt that many more names will be added to this list if data privacy violations are taken into account.

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