Amazon has been fined Tk 25,000 for not knowing where a product is made

Last month, the government sent notices to two of India’s largest e-commerce sites, Amazon and Flipkart, for withholding product information. There were allegations against the two companies that they were hiding information about the origin of the product (where the product is made), selling the product from the platform, etc. After which Amazon was fined Rs 25,000 today. While sending notices last month, the central government also directed the concerned states to monitor whether the e-commerce sites in each state are following the correct rules. In this context, the government introduced the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. This time around, the center fined Amazon.

The directive was issued on November 19. The directive states, “As a mediator, your company is naturally liable for any breach of the relevant rules as there is a lack of evidence that you have performed the necessary duties.”

A notice sent to both Amazon and Flipkart last month by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs stated that some e-commerce platforms were not complying with mandatory declarations under the Legal Metrology Act. Although then Flipkart corrected his mistake. However, Amazon was fined for not listening to this issue.

Incidentally, many Indian consumers are looking to boycott Chinese products this year because of India’s troubles with China. That is why it has become necessary to know where a product is made. That is why the government has also directed the e-commerce platforms to clarify the source of all products.