Android app can be used on Windows 10 system, special project of Microsoft

Apple’s iOS or Android, there is no end to the practice of who gives more benefits to the user. Both systems offer fancy benefits. However, in some cases, Android users still lag behind Apple users. For example, iPhone apps can also be used on Apple’s computer or laptop. But it is not possible to use Android app on computer or laptop in general. Of course, Microsoft also has the Your Phone app. But it is not available on all phones. This app is available on some selected smartphones of Samsung Galaxy. But this time the situation is going to change. Microsoft is currently working on a project that will allow Android apps to be used on Windows 10 systems.

Microsoft is working on the Project Latte project

Microsoft is currently working on a software solution called Project Latte. This will allow developers to bring Android apps to Windows 10. In addition, it does not require much modification of the apps.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft’s Project Latte is based on the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL). WSL will soon have support for the GUI Linux app as well as the GPU app. This will improve the performance of Android apps in Windows 10 using WSL.

However, the developers do not need to be happy to hear about this project right now. The report states that Google does not allow Play Services to be installed anywhere other than Android smartphones or devices with Chrome OS. That’s why developers need to rely on the Play Services API to include apps on Windows 10 systems.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has tried to bring Android apps in Windows 10 before. The company had earlier been working on a project called Astoria for the same purpose. But unfortunately this project did not succeed. Now it remains to be seen whether Project Latte can succeed. If all goes well, Microsoft’s project could come next year.