Bad news for Vi postpaid customers, the price of these two plans has gone up

Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea), one of the most popular telecom operators in India, offers two types of postpaid plans – single and family. In the meantime, the prices of two entry-level family postpaid plans have been increased today. Besides, these plans could have been taken from Vi website as before, but now it will not be. From now on you have to go to Vi store and take family postpaid plan.

Vi currently has five single postpaid plans available in the market. These are Rs 299, Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 699 and Rs 1099 plans. There are also five options in the family postpaid plan. These are Rs 598, Rs 649, Rs 699, Rs 999 and Rs 1099.

According to the MyVi website, the price of the family postpaid plan of Tk 598 and Tk 649 has been increased by Tk 50. The price of the two plans has been renewed at Tk 749 and Tk 699. The two plans are known as Family S Pack and Family M Pack respectively. Let’s take a look at their benefits.

Family S Pack

Vi’s Family S pack of Rs 649 will get 60 GB of monthly data. With the facility of 200 GB data rollover. Besides, unlimited calling and 100 monthly SMS will be available. Two connections can be added to this plan. The primary connection will get 50 GB of data and the second connection will get 30 GB of data. The amount of data rollover is 200 GB for the first user and 50 GB for the second user. Both users will receive 100 monthly SMS.

Among other benefits, the first user of this pack will get the benefit of ZEE5 Premium, Amazon Prime and Vi Movies and TV. The second user will only get a subscription to Vi Movies and TV.

Family M Pack

Vi’s 699 Taka Family M pack has 120 GB monthly data and 200 GB data rollover facility. Unlimited calling and 100 monthly SMS will also be available. Note that three connections can be added simultaneously to this pack. In that case the first user will get 60 GB data. The second and third users will get 30 GB of data. Moreover, the amount of data rollover for the first user is 200 GB and for the other two connections it is 50 GB. However, everyone will get the opportunity to send 100 SMS monthly.

In addition to these benefits, early users of this pack will receive ZEE5 Premium, Amazon Prime and Vi Movies and TV subscriptions. Only Vi Movies and TV subscriptions are available for the other two users.