Buy Datsun Redi-Go, Go and Go + at a discount of up to Rs 51,000


Nissan-owned Datsun has announced year-end benefits on all its models in India. Year-end bonuses, cash discounts, exchanges and corporate offers will be available on Datsun’s Redi-Go, Go and Go + variants, depending on the variant in this offer, which runs until December 31st. As a result, you can buy Datsun’s models a little cheaper. Let’s see what offers there are on any model.

Datsun Redi-Go (Ex-showroom price Rs 2.69 lakh-Rs 4.8 lakh)

Datsun’s entry level redi-go car offers a year-end bonus of Rs 11,000. There is also a cash discount of up to Rs 9,000 and an exchange benefit of up to Rs 20,000 (the exchange offer is only available at the company’s NIC-enabled dealership). In addition, there will be a corporate offer of Rs 5,000 on this car. This means that the customer can get a maximum discount of Rs 45,000 on this car.

Datsun Go (Ex-showroom price Rs. 3.99 lakhs-Rs. 6.45 lakhs)

Datsun Redi Go car has a year end bonus of Rs 11,000. The car also comes with a cash discount of Rs 20,000 and an exchange benefit of Rs 20,000 (only available at the company’s NIC enabled dealership). In all, a benefit of Rs 51,000 will be available on this car.

Datsun Go + (Ex-showroom price 4.20 lakh-8.90 lakh rupees)

Datsun Go + will be available for cash discount of Rs 15,000, exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 and year end bonus of Rs 11,000 throughout the month of December. This means that customers will get a total benefit of Rs 48,000 when they buy this car.

Datsun’s year-end offer may vary depending on the variants and locations of redi-Go, Go and Go Pus. Contact your nearest Datsun Authorized Dealership for details.