‘Canadian Pappu’: How Rahul Gandhi and Justin Trudeau have equivalent PR techniques

Canadian Primary Minister Justin Trudeau is normally referred to as ‘Canadian Pappu’. It is because promoting gimmicks and PR stunts carried out by Rahul Gandhi’s crew normally surface impressed from Trudeau’s. Right here are a handful of examples of equivalent stunts carried out by the two political leaders over the decades.

Surface ‘intelligent’

In 2016, Justin Trudeau gave a ‘quick lesson’ in quantum computing to a reporter.

Trudeau supplying quantum computing ‘lesson’ to a reporter.

Of training course, he was hailed by absolutely everyone as global media swooned more than the ‘boyishly handsome’ leader. Couple months later on, our boy Rahul Gandhi made the decision he will tackle a collecting on Synthetic Intelligence.

Rahul Gandhi wished to tackle a accumulating on AI

Nonetheless, days later on it was clarified that he was just going to address a collecting of Indian Abroad Congress and not definitely speaking on AI.


Canada’s Trudeau has routinely appeared on several lists as a single of the ‘fittest’ entire world leaders. He boxes, picks up a child with 1 hand and receives clicked performing other sporty things mainly because of which he is frequently identified as ‘fit’.

Justin Trudeau as one of the fittest leaders

And so, what does Rahul Gandhi do? Sure, he is all of a sudden an specialist in Aikido, a Japanese martial art.

Rahul Gandhi specialist in Japanese martial art sort

A single fine working day, the country wakes up with information that Rahul Gandhi not only appreciates Aikido, but he is seemingly a ‘black belt’ in it. Oh and not only that Rahul is apparently a taking pictures specialist as well. Videos of Rahul Gandhi performing some Aikido moves, the initial and only time we obtained to see him do it, went viral after Congress social media staff released them.

Pidi and Kenzie

Keep in mind how Pidi turned famed just after Congress shed Assam as Rahul Gandhi chose to perform with his pet puppy as a substitute of discussing celebration problems? Trudeau did it first. No, not getting rid of elections. But wowing the planet with his pet canine.

Trudeau received a dog

In 2016, Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to announce they acquired a pet.

Of course, the media swooned all over again over the ‘cute’ Trudeau spouse and children.

A year afterwards, Rahul Gandhi revealed his ‘cute’ good friend.

Of program, Rahul Gandhi was hailed as ‘cute’ and ‘cool’ and ‘funny’ for getting a doggy who does tips.

Except, he was also offered a real truth pill by former Congress chief Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Ouch! That ought to have harm.

Random act of kindness

In 2016, an graphic of Trudeau sitting down on methods and conversing to a minor boy experienced long gone viral on social media.

Trudeau’s random act of kindness

Trudeau in 2015 sat with a boy who had a terrible working day in faculty and gave a pep talk.

Trudeau, in another random act of kindness, served a man on wheelchair board the metro.

What does our boy do?

Rahul Gandhi’s random act of kindness

‘Good guy’ Rahul Gandhi will come to rescue of a journalist who was wounded. Couple times later on, Congress workers beat up a journalist in Tamil Nadu for clicking shots of empty chairs at general public rally of Congress leader.


Justin Trudeau has lovers. Not just supporters, screaming followers.

Justin Trudeau surrounded by followers

And what does Rahul Gandhi have?

Supporters, of system.

Happy birthday!

In 2017, Rahul Gandhi extremely randomly tweeted birthday greetings to a 107 yr aged grandmother of a pretty vocal Congress supporter.

He also gave a ‘big hug’ to the woman who expressed desire to fulfill him as he was ‘handsome’.

He also identified as her personally and wished her.

But wait around. What Rahul Gandhi does currently, Justin Trudeau has presently carried out yesterday.

Justin Trudeau wishing 120 calendar year outdated lady

The 120 calendar year outdated lady experienced expressed her want to satisfy Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for her birthday.

Compare and contrast

Rahul Gandhi and Justin Trudeau both occur from powerful political households. Rahul Gandhi’s father, grandmother and excellent grandfather have all been prime ministers of India. Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was also Key Minister of Canada. And though under Trudeau’s management Liberal Celebration in Canada received the 2015 elections, underneath Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Congress had a single of its most humiliating defeats in 2019 basic elections.

Whether or not Rahul Gandhi is in fact influenced from Justin Trudeau or not no one understands, but the similarities in their PR approach are far too stark to not notice. And it is for this that Trudeau gets to be regarded as Rahul Gandhi equal of Canada.