Chinese smartphone company Gionee caught with malware injected into millions of smartphones


Every month we hear of malware being planted on smartphones. In this case, most of the time malware enters the phone through the hands of a third party application. As a result, Google is forced to remove multiple malicious apps from its Play Store. But this time the Chinese smartphone maker Gionee is standing on the fence as it has made it easier for malware to enter the device. According to the report, the smartphone brand has implemented malware on more than 20 million smartphones to gain from unsolicited advertisements and other means. That’s why Gionee has been convicted by China’s Judgment Document Network.

According to a recent report on the portal GizChina, Shenzhen Zhipu Technology Company Limited, a subsidiary of Gionee, has updated its ‘Story Lock Screen’ application from December 2016 to October 2019. It is learned that the company used ‘Dark Horse Platform’ to make 21.85 million devices available to various advertisers without the knowledge of the users.

According to the report, Gionee, or Shenzhen Zipu, has earned an additional Rs 31.48 crore in the mentioned period by allowing these malware ads to enter the brand’s devices. But the end is not saved!

For now, a Chinese court has convicted Shenzhen Zipu of illegally controlling users’ information systems and sentenced three people to imprisonment and fines. Xu Li, Zhu Ying and Jia Zhengqiang were sentenced to three years in prison and Pan Qi to six months in prison. Each was fined 200,000 yuan (about. 22.59 million).

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