Congress and trolls try to paint Khalistani Deep Sidhu as BJP chief

A single of the most disturbing photographs that came out of the Republic Day insurrection was the hoisting of the flag at Red Fort. Even though there seems to be consensus that it was the Sikh Flag that was lifted, it was interpreted by several to be the flag of Khalistan.

Now, in accordance to some of the farmer leaders, the ones dependable for the hoisting of the flag at Pink Fort were being Deep Sidhu and his gang of supporters. Boota Singh Burjgill, President BKU (Dakaunda), told The Print, “Deep Sidhu and his group hoisted the flags at the Pink Fort. They have been attempting to create problems in the motion from working day one. We are adhering to the parade route we had declared.”

Satnam Singh Pannu, secretary of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, explained, “We were in favour of parading on the Ring Road although other individuals unions have been towards it. We paraded on the ring street these days & are now again at Singhu. We had no plan to go to the Purple Fort nor did we be part of individuals who went.”

Deep Sidhu is a Khalistani supporters who has been associated in the present-day protests versus the recently passed farm guidelines from the extremely commencing. For a time, he even became well known with the media but ruined his probabilities after he gave an interview to Barkha Dutt, wherever he refused to condemn Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale.

He experienced shot to media fame immediately after a movie had long gone viral on social media where he was seen claiming that the farmers protests will be the defining instant of the geopolitics of not just India but also for the complete South Asia.

Referring to OpIndia, Barkha Dutt confronted Sidhu on reports that claimed that the actor was a Khalistan supporter. However, she was still left disappointed when Sidhu, as an alternative of condemning Bhindranwale, hailed him as a groundbreaking who fought for a potent federal construction. In spite of Barkha Dutt’s repeated insistence, Deep Sidhu did not budge from his stand.

Some on social media, even so, right after the role of Deep Sidhu in today’s activities turned obvious, have attempted to falsely brand name him a ‘BJP supporter’. In reality, Sidhu experienced clarified throughout his interview with Barkha Dutt that he had only campaigned for Sunny Deol since he shared a very excellent individual connection with the actor and he was not involved with any political get together.

Countrywide Coordinator of Electronic Communications and Social Media of the Congress bash, Gaurav Pandhi, claimed that it was “BJP’s sinister plan” and it was “BJP’s Deep Sidhu” who attempted to hold the Pink Fort at siege.

Congress claims Khalistani Deep Sidhu is a BJP member
Supply: Twitter

Other people with an-anti BJP political stance are also falsely boasting that Deep Sidhu is a BJP member.

Source: Twitter

This sort of attempts occur just after the Congress get together celebrated the violence at the national money on Republic Day and called it a demonstration of the ‘power of a republic’. Rahul Gandhi, meanwhile, has also tried to use the Republic Day insurrection to even more his personal political agenda and desire a repeal of the farm legislation.

As a result, rather plainly, an try is remaining built to whitewash the role of farmer leaders in the current spate of violence that erupted at the countrywide funds. Farmer unions, much too, seem to aim all the blame on Deep Sidhu so that they can absolve themselves of their job in the violence that transpired.