‘Deep Condition hates Trump because he’s an outsider’: China prof Dongsheng

Di Dongsheng, a professor at the Renmin College in China, shot to fame lately just after a speech of his where by he hinted that president-elect Joe Biden was compromised started circulating on the internet. The promises that he built in that speech ended up explosive, and now, one more video of his has absent viral that appears to be equally shocking.

In an undated movie shared on social media by OAN journalist Jack Posobiec, Dongsheng could be seen confirming the existence of the ‘Deep State’ in the US, the exact same phenomenon that US President Donald Trump has named the ‘Swamp’. Dongsheng suggests in the online video, “The fact is that the United States does not truly exist. What truly exist are diverse fascination teams.”

Dongsheng continued, “At present, the US has a quite a great deal divided culture, portion of which is the circle of elites. We named them the Establishments, individuals with electricity and influence. It’s value mentioning just one individual group of the elites, named “Deep States”. Who are these people? My comprehension is that these persons are the mid and senior leaders from the US Navy, intelligence local community, the Condition Office, Section of Treasury, Office of Commerce, Office of the US Trade Consultant and the US Judicial System.”

“Within the Money Beltway, they are the large fish hidden in the swamp, who Trump disgusts the most. In the US, the political figures are elected and they come and go. Nonetheless, the group that I just mentioned are the individuals who remain in the electrical power circle.” Dongsheng claims that these types of people have been running the US since the Second Globe War. “It is this compact circle that essentially dominates the environment these days.”

Dongsheng claimed that the Deep States hates Trump since they consider him an “outsider”. He also claimed that “real democracy” occurred in 2016 and when it took place, “They could not consider that somebody like Trump could be elected and turn out to be their manager.” They must have felt “like the world was falling aside, or feel like the sky is falling.” He also reported that persons from the ‘Deep State’ were the ones confronting Trump and they have been “fooling” him and “playing tricks” on him.

‘Wall Road aided China’: Di Dongsheng

In a online video that went viral only times back, Di Dongsheng stated that Wall Street had helped China during Trump’s Trade War. He uncovered that China has ‘friends’ at really influential positions in the Usa. He reported, “As I claimed just before, considering the fact that the 1970s, Wall Avenue experienced a pretty sturdy affect on the domestic and overseas affairs of the United States. So we had a channel to count on. But the challenge is that after 2008, the standing of Wall Street has declined, and much more importantly, just after 2016, Wall Avenue can not repair Trump. It is quite awkward.”

Dongsheng also hinted that China might have assisted Hunter Biden, son of President-elect Joe Biden, create the community of ‘foundations’. He claimed, “Trump has been expressing that Biden’s son has some sort of worldwide foundation. Have you seen that? Who helped him (Biden’s son) build the foundations? Got it? There are a whole lot of bargains inside all these.”

The movie was later pulled down from Chinese social media platforms by the Communist regime. Di Dongsheng is the Vice Dean of the College of Intercontinental Relations, Renmin College of China, Vice Director and Secretary of the Heart for Overseas Strategic Reports of China.