Delay in launch of FAU-G to ace PUBG, when will this domestic battle game come

As soon as the mobile version of PUBG was banned in India in September, Indian gamers will soon be able to enjoy a native battle game called ‘FAU-G’ (Fearless and United Guards). Then, in early October, the Bengaluru-based developer of the ‘FAU-G’ game, nCore Games, announced that the game would be available for use in November. Meanwhile, December is almost on the doorstep, but so far no new updates have been found about this game. On the contrary, it is certain that the PUBG mobile game is going to be re-launched beyond the bounds of government restrictions. Naturally, there are various questions about the release of the ‘FAU-G’ game. But the answer does not match!

Earlier, popular YouTuber technical guruji alias Gaurab Chowdhury claimed that the ‘FAU-G’ game would be launched on November 26. Even Encore Games itself tweeted that the game would come out in November. The game poster and teaser were released accordingly. But that day has passed on the calendar page. However, the developers are still confused about the launch date of the game.

As you all know, the game ‘Fau-G’ was created by actor Akshay Kumar to attract the young generation of the country. 20% of the income will be handed over to the ‘Bharat Ke Bir’ trust. Besides, even though it is a battle game, it will be completely different from Pubjir and the story of the country’s army fighting will be the setting of the game.

However, it is not yet clear whether the game is ready for release or whether it will go down further due to the unexpected return of Pubji. Now, there is no way to know any new update of the game except to wait for any announcement from our manufacturer.