Facebook employees will be able to join the work even without the vaccine


Due to Corona Atimari, people have been forced to sit at home and do office work. Employees of social media giant Facebook could not get out of this deadlock. But now the situation is somewhat under control, with working people leaving the house with Corona. Under these circumstances, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the company’s more than 50,000 employees that Facebook’s office would reopen in July 2021, and that coroner vaccinations would be required if employees were to return to work.

At a recent meeting, a Facebook employee asked Zuckerberg how the vaccination would affect their work, according to a report in the Daily Beast. In response, Zuckerberg, 36, declared that workers were not required to be vaccinated to return to work. He also said that a number of employees have already joined the work as the situation in Corona is now normal.

A spokesman for Facebook told The Verge that the company had given its employees the option to work from home until the first half of next year. Facebook’s U.S. offices and offices worldwide have been closed since March, and there is no hope of reopening them before the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available.

The company added that after the reopening of the office, there will be a number of protocols for employees to maintain social distance or sanitation, wear masks, etc. so that there is no possibility of re-infection.

In this context, the company launched a permanent work-from-home policy in May. Zuckerberg is also working on a remote working plan to run half of the company’s work from home by 2030. According to him, five to ten years from today, about half of Facebook’s employees will work from home.