‘Farmer’ demanding ‘assurance on the MSP’ is basically a Congress chief

The All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee chief Sardar VM Singh now demanded that the federal government ought to give an assurance on the Minimum Guidance Rate (MSP) on all of their deliver. “We want assurance on the MSP. We want a promise of the purchase of our produce under it. Farmers will be benefitted if you carry MSP Guarantee Bill”, reported Sardar VM Singh when addressing a push convention. Little do persons know that VM Singh, who has been a person of the notable faces of the ongoing farmer’s protest in the outskirts of Delhi, is really a Congress chief.

By now just about anyone has comprehended that the Modi government’s new farm rules nowhere talks about repealing MSP, a fallacy that the Congress and the leftist liberals have been peddling day and night to mislead farmers. Modi federal government has, yet again and again, pressured that they are neither abolishing APMC Mandis not repealing MSPs. So, the query of “assurance on MSP”, a desire which has been put forth by VM Singh, genuinely does not make sense.

VM Singh doubling up as a ‘disgruntled, weak farmer’ is in fact a Congress chief whose property operate in crores

However, the 1 point which a lot of may possibly not be realizing is that VM Singh, who has been at the forefront of this ongoing agitation doubling up as a disgruntled, bad ‘farmer’ is really a Congress chief whose assets operate in crores. He was a Lok Sabha Congress candidate from Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district. In 2009 his web truly worth was near to Rs 631 crores.

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In accordance to the affidavit submitted by him at Pilibhit District Collectorate in 2009, VM Singh was the richest Lok Sabha applicant then. He experienced declared of acquiring income amounting to Rs 15,00,000 and financial institutions deposits worth Rs 26,50,000. Singh declared owning a few autos value Rs 14,00,000, two non-agricultural plots of land value Rs 206,00,00,000 – a 1.5-acre plot in Delhi and 100-acre plot in Bhopal. He also owns agricultural land worthy of Rs 414,60,00,000. It features 366-acre plot in Raisen (Madhya Pradesh) truly worth Rs 36,60,00,000 a 180-acre plot in Delhi truly worth Rs 270 crore and a 54-acre agricultural plot in Bhopal worth Rs 108 crore. He also has two properties worthy of Rs 11 crore.

VM Singh faces 8 circumstances together with a person less than SC/ST Act

Also, the Congress chief is accused in as several as 8 scenarios ranging from criminal intimidation to theft to rioting also such as a person below the SC/ST Act.

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Congress lies in opposition to the new farmer legal guidelines

As the Congress chief VM Singh is chaotic speaking on behalf of ‘farmers’, it becomes pretty much crucial to recollect how his occasion has been blatantly peddling lies towards the new farm charges to denounce the Modi govt and instigate and mislead ignorant farmers.

The Congress has claimed that they are supporting the agitation in opposition to the new farmer laws, since the new legislation suggest that: Mandis will be abolished, Least Help Selling price (MSP) will be abolished, farmers will have no bargaining power, farmers susceptible to exploitation by corporates, lakhs of Mandi employees will be unemployed and the personal debt would rise. On the other hand, all the motives presented by the Congress versus the new farm legislation are outright lies.