Four devices will be charged simultaneously, Syska unveils 10,000 mAh battery power bank

Headphones from LLD bulbs, there is nothing new to say about the popularity of Syska. This time they brought ‘Made in India’ power bank WPB1002. This power bank comes with two-way Type-C input and output cables, which make it convenient to charge and receive. Moreover, this 10,000 mAh power bank also comes with a six-month warranty. Let’s find out the price and features of Syska WPB1002 Power Bank.

Price of Syska WPB1002

The price of this power bank with 10000 mAh battery capacity is 2699 rupees. But if you buy the power bank from Siskar’s official website, it will cost 2499 rupees. It is available in two colors, blue and black.

Specification of Syska WPB1002

As mentioned earlier, the battery capacity of Syska WPB1002 Power Bank is 10000 mAh. Besides, the dimensions of this power bank are 146 × ৬৬ × 14.60 mm. Charging can be done on four devices simultaneously through this power bank. It also has 16 watt fast charging feature.

Syska WPB1002 Power provides 11 levels of protection, which protects the device from any leaks, overheating or overcharging problems. The smart circuit of this device helps the current to flow in a single channel. For extra protection it has electromagnetic field protection which protects the device from short circuit. Not only that, this power bank has been designed in such a way that there will be no problem of overheating. As a result, both the power bank and the device will be protected. The design of this power bank is also such that it fits nicely in the pocket.

Note that Syska WPB1002 also has a six month warranty with the power bank. Six months will be calculated from the date of purchase. If any manufacturing defect is detected in the power bank during this period, it will be replaced.