France, Germany, British isles and all other nations we ought to boycott for applying water cannon and tear gasoline

The recent protests about Delhi have brought to the forefront a terrible case in point of human legal rights abuse that has been taking place in India for generations. Applied by quite considerably each and every law enforcement force in every single point out at any time.

Media on use of drinking water cannons

Oh pricey. We never want a fascist govt in India that wages “war” on citizens, do we?

Did I say tear gas and water cannon have been used in every state for generations? No, no. I meant only immediately after 2014 in BJP ruled states. I am speaking about this. See what I indicate?

Kerala making use of h2o cannons

Anyway. Just simply because the CPI(M) govt in Kerala used drinking water cannon on protesters in Aug 2020 does not mean that CPI(M)’s Sitaram Yechury can not be component of a joint statement that say use of h2o cannon is like waging war.

Even so, it is very good that we finally have a national liberal consensus versus waging war on citizens by suggests of drinking water cannon and tear fuel. As a recently woke nation, we also have a moral responsibility to oppose other countries that have out these types of atrocities. I have compiled right here a transient checklist of these kinds of fascist regimes with which we may like to start.

(1) Switzerland (Jan 2020)

Switzerland cops applying drinking water cannons

In accordance to NDTV, Swiss law enforcement employed tear gas and h2o cannons on protesters versus the Earth Financial Forum in Zurich this 12 months. H2o cannon in the severe January chilly? I desire an rapid severing of diplomatic ties with Switzerland. And India should really boycott the Globe Financial Discussion board from now on.

(2) Germany (Nov 2020)

According to Bloomberg, German police in Berlin used water cannons on protesters scarcely two weeks in the past. (Warning: Graphic illustrations or photos)

German Police applying water cannons on protesters

And with that, Germany’s backsliding into Nazism has officially started. I suggest that the planet provide an ultimatum to German Chancellor Angela Merkel ideal now. This time, let’s quit Germany before they invade Poland, presumably with drinking water cannons.

(3) Italy (May possibly 2016)

According to BBC, Italy made use of h2o cannon in opposition to housing activists in Rome in Could 2016. (Warning: Graphic pictures)

Roman law enforcement employing water cannons on protesters

Oh expensive. The two Germany and Italy. I do not like the seem of that. This time, the massive powers of Europe, like France and United kingdom, should declare war on the Axis powers right before points go fully out of hand.

(4) France (Dec 2018)

In accordance to BBC, France also applied tear gas and water cannon on protesters.

French police employing h2o cannons on protesters

It is officially time to panic. They’ve taken about France. Let us hope at least the Uk will come by, like very last time.

(5) United Kingdom (March 2012)

In Northern Eire, which is part of the British isles, the law enforcement also use tear gas and h2o cannon to disperse protesters. (Warning: Graphic illustrations or photos)

Northern Eire law enforcement applying water cannons to disperse protesters

This is clearly the suitable time for India to break off diplomatic relations and impose financial sanctions on the British isles. Together with France and Germany. Whatsoever the economic price tag, we cannot deal with nations that have no regard for human legal rights.

(6) Israel (Jul 2020)

Israel police employing water cannons

This was scarcely a handful of months in the past. Israeli police used water cannons against anti-corruption protesters in Jerusalem. Can India however afford to have Israel as a technological and armed service companion? The moral dangers are tremendous.

(7) The Netherlands (Jun 2020)

According to Euronews, Dutch police used h2o cannons in June this year. (Warning: Graphic photos)

The Netherlands

And the tide of fascism in Europe rises even more. Any routine still left in Europe which is not at “war” with its citizens?

(8) Belgium (Nov 2018)

Regrettably not. In accordance to the New York Periods, Belgian law enforcement applied tear fuel and water cannon on protesters in Nov 2018.

Drinking water cannons employed by Belgian Police on protesters

It now seems like we have to crack diplomatic ties and impose financial sanctions on the complete of Europe.

(9) Brazil (Nov 2016)

According to German condition broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Brazil employed tear gas and drinking water cannon on protesters in Nov 2016.

Brazil Law enforcement utilizing drinking water cannons on protesters

On hearing ‘Brazil,’ a great deal of men and women feel of soccer, beaches, parties and enjoyable. But several folks know that Brazil is a fascist police state.

So, what choices does India have, now that we have a moral obligation to slash ties with all of Europe and most of South The united states? I propose that India transfer the UN for a comprehensive ban on h2o cannon use, on the traces of the existing ban on organic and chemical weapons.

In point, what is halting h2o from remaining detailed as a bio weapon or as a chemical weapon? Just about all residing organisms contain drinking water. And water is unquestionably a chemical. H2o is a compound built of hydrogen (a flammable and explosive gas) as perfectly as oxygen (which is aspect of all fires). In truth, the chemical name for drinking water is dihydrogen monoxide or DHMO. That seems terrifying.

Let us take a stand towards h2o cannons. Or, as they must rightly be identified as, DHMO weapons. We owe this to all of humanity.