Get a variety of favorite cartoon or movie products, Disney launched ShopDisney store

Disney is a world famous name in the world of children’s entertainment. From Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Spiderman to the Disney Princesses were a huge part of our childhood. Great news for Disney lovers in India. According to recent information, Disney is launching an online store in India called ShopDisney with toys and other products related to their cartoons and movies. Access to this online Disney store can be found by visiting the site. Let’s take a look at what products can be found in this store.

Products from the ShopDisney store

When you open the ShopDigney site, you will first see a banner with a picture of Mickey Mouse. The store also offers products based on other Marvel characters, including Spiderman and Deadpool.

The ShopDisney store has about 3,000 products, including clothes, toys, accessories and school supplies. These include Deadpool, Endgame, Thor headphones for these themes. There is also an Ironman themed helmet-style Bluetooth speaker that costs just Rs 2,499. The famous Avengers Infinity Gauntlet ShopDisney is available at Rs 9,999.

However Mandalorian fans are going to be a little disappointed as Baby Yoda is not currently in the catalog of this store. But Disney is going to add more products to their store in the future. So it is hoped that Baby Yoda will be available in Indian stores soon.

In addition to attractive products at ShopDisney, you can choose Disney-designed gift-wrappers for Disney-designed shipping boxes or gifted items when shopping for products. In addition, if you order more than 999 rupees, there will be no delivery charge.