Good reasons to start playing team sports for children and adolescents

Sport, especially team ones, is not just a way to acquire trophies and satisfy your ego. To become a professional or amateur athlete is a way to improve many aspects of your life, especially doing it correctly and from the youth.

Many people prefer individual sports to team sports, depriving themselves of the enjoyable benefits outlined in today’s article.

Team sport is an easy way to make friends

Playing in any squad solidifies relationships. Just imagine: you take the field against an opposing team, join forces with the people like you, find the competitor’s weaknesses, and win in the end. Few things can compare to the emotion after such games. It does not matter if you are competing for the Champions League trophy or find a squad with someone on the internet: you often obtain lifelong friends in such teams. The relationship on the field might be seen after every goal the team scores: players hug and congratulate the scorer. That’s the emotions fans want to share with professionals when they read the news, tips and reviews about successes of their side at resources like¬†

One might disagree here and argue that you are just as likely to socialize with visitors and coaches when you come to a sports hall. But your common goal there will never give you the same adrenaline rush and bonding as a shared victory on the field.

Sport is the path to better physical health

There’s a popular misconception about professional athletes who do nothing but treat ligaments, joints, and more severe health problems when their careers are over. It is not only untrue but also misguiding. It might scare off those who would like to try sports but heard some stories that professionals’ traumas never get treated well.

The English Premier League is a prime example of the opposite: if a player is suspected of a concussion during a match, it results in him leaving the field. The team gets the opportunity to make an additional substitution, even if they have been made all three already.

In our opinion, there is a significant reason why we hear stories about health problems with professionals more often than amateurs. Big sports clubs have powerful medical teams, and they make a complete and constant monitoring of their precious athletes. They also follow the research with an in-depth study of the difficulty and find ways to correct it.

At the same time, as Rochelle M. Eime, Janet A. Young, Jack T. Harvey, Melanie J. Charity, Warren R. Payne studies tell, there are many benefits for children and adults that come from periodic exercise. These advantages include additional obesity control and improvements in both psychological and social health.

Team sports improve psychosocial health

Perhaps you lack social skills: you are not good at communicating with people or are not entirely self-confident. In this situation, team sports are a great way of freeing yourself up.

At first, it may seem like a pretty hard job to do, and even deciding to sign up for a local team session may be difficult. You can imagine that the coach or players will force you to communicate with your teammates by shouting “give the pass,” “shoot!” or “why did you even come?”. But believe us, after one or two sessions, in the heat of the game, you won’t even notice how you’ll find your voice.

Besides, instead of angry professionals, matches are usually attended by exceptional and friendly people just like you, so the warmth and support will not be long in coming if you share it yourself.