How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power Up My Home?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly attractive to homeowners who are looking to save on their energy bills and protect the environment. In the United States, a new solar project was completed every 60 seconds in 2021, bringing the total solar capacity in the country to 121.4 gigawatts. It is expected that a further 300 gigawatts of solar capacity will be installed over the next decade.

If you are planning to install a solar panel system on your property, you are likely wondering “How much solar do I need to power my home?” In this blog post, we have the answer for you and will share the factors that will allow you to determine the exact amount of solar panels you should install. Let’s go!

What Is the Average Number of Solar Panels a House Needs?

The average number of solar panels a property needs in the US is between 19 and 23. This is based on the average electricity usage per month, though a number of different factors will determine the ideal number for each property.

After applying the federal solar tax credit (which stands at 26%), above the number of solar panels would cost a household between $13,000 and $16,200. Over the 25-plus-year lifespan of a solar panel system, the net savings for homeowners can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, making the upfront cost absolutely worth it.

Factors That Determine How Many Solar Panels a Household Needs

The first factor to consider is your household’s energy usage. It stands to reason that the more electricity you use, the more solar panels will be required to cover the cost of electricity. Take the number of people living in your house into account and whether this number will increase or decrease in the coming years.

The second factor is the amount of sunlight your area receives. Properties in the southwest of the US, for example, get more sunlight than properties in the northeast. If your property is located in an area with limited sunlight, more solar panels will be required to generate the electricity required to power your home.

Finally, the third factor is the power rating of the solar panels that you choose to install. Solar panels with a high power rating will be more efficient in generating electricity than solar panels with less wattage. 

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How Much Solar Do I Need?

The bottom line is that the average number of solar panels a property in the US requires is between 19 and 23. The above-mentioned factors will help you determine the exact amount you need. Speaking to experienced solar installers is recommended to get the optimal number of panels for your needs.

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