How to use different wallpapers for different chats on WhatsApp


A few days ago, WhatsApp came up with a ‘custom wallpaper for chat’ feature for their users. This feature allows you to set different wallpapers for each chat window. In this case you will get four options for selecting wallpaper – Bright, Dark, Solid Color and My Photo. There is no doubt that this feature will make our chatting experience more enjoyable. Let’s find out exactly how to set different wallpapers for different chats on WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp custom wallpaper for chat

1. For this, the active account user of WhatsApp must first use the latest 2.20.207 Android version of WhatsApp. The updated version for iOS users is

2. After updating, open WhatsApp on your device.

3. Then choose any one chat window.

4. Click on the three dots on the top right of the chat window and then select the Wallpaper option.

5. Then tap the Change button to set the custom chat wallpaper. WhatsApp will now show you four bright, dark, solid colors and My Photo options to choose wallpapers.

. Now after selecting the wallpaper of your choice, use the slider below to set the brightness of the image. Then click on the ‘Set Wallpaper’ option.

. To set a different wallpaper for a specific chat, select the ‘For This Chat’ option and tap the ‘Ok’ button.

. Separate wallpapers can be set in other chat windows or groups by following this procedure.