If you do not enter ‘0’ before the mobile number, the call will not be from the landline, know the reason

In the age of smartphones, there are very few people who use landline. But landline is still used in various offices. Moreover, many people use landline personally. A new rule is going to be introduced for all these landline users from January 1 next year. According to the announcement of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), from now on landline users will have to put a 0 (zero) before the number to call any mobile number. The Department of Telecommunications has asked all telecom operators to take necessary steps to enforce this rule.

Landline users will be notified of the new changes soon, the Department of Telecommunications said in a circular. The circular further said, “For fixed to mobile calls now you have to dial ‘0’ first. Fixed-line subscribers will be notified of the need to set ‘0’ in case of calls from all fixed-line mobile phones.

In May, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) advised to place ‘0’ before the number when calling from landline to mobile. According to TRAI’s advice, only 10 digit numbers will be used in mobile services. They did not agree to a complete change to the 11-digit number. That is why it has been proposed to add ‘0’ to 11 digits before the mobile number. This will create 2544 million additional numbering resources in mobile services. They also point out that there is currently no need for an integrated or single numbering system for fixed-line and mobile services. It is possible to create enough numbering spaces in more different ways, including adding ‘0’.

TRAI has also suggested the issuance of a new and revised National Numbering Plan (NNP). Besides, they have proposed to take various steps to further improve mobile services.