In just 24 hours, 1 million registrations are for the Indian battle game FAU-G

Registration for the Indian battle game FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) has started in the Play Store from November 30. Interested Android users who have registered or will do so will receive push notifications about all updates to the game, and the game will be automatically downloaded or installed on certain devices. According to the report, FAU-G has received a wide response due to this registration process. This new and completely domestic competitor of the popular battle-royal game PUBG Mobile has managed to achieve more than 1 million registrations in 24 hours. As a result, it is likely to outperform PUBG or other battle games in the near future.

Shortly after the PUBG Mobile game was banned in India last September, the Bengaluru-based company EnCore Games announced that they would soon launch an Indian Battle game to inspire the country’s young generation with a story of Indian Army heroism in the background. It was rumored to be being initiated by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Self-Reliant India’ program. Then the speculation started in the internet world that the game will be available to play in November. The producer even posted a teaser video of the game. But for some reason the release of the game was delayed.

Then from the last day of November, N Core Games started pre-registration of the game for Android users. According to the company’s tweet post, in just 24 hours, about 1.08 million Play Store users have pre-registered for this multi-player game. This registration process is still live or available, so there is no doubt that this number will increase a bit more!

In this context, let me say that the pre-registration facility of FAU-G is currently only available for Android users, iOS device users will not be able to pre-register the game in any way now.

Meanwhile, the PUBG Mobile game has become desperate to return to India. The company has already announced the re-launch of its Indian version, waiting only for the official seal. However, it is rumored that the country’s information technology ministry MeitY is not ready to talk to Pubji India yet. As a result, many people think that the domestic game ‘Fau-Ji’ will be available before the return of Pubji. Now it remains to be seen how the two games will enter the market and which of the following PUBG Mobile and FAU-G games will be on the list of favorites of the people of the country.