Internet users beware! The virus was detected in various browsers, including Google Chrome


Be careful if you are an internet user. Microsoft’s research team recently heard about the potential for Internet security. The Internet, they claim, is currently in the grip of a serious malware campaign. This malware campaign has been a major problem since May this year. As a result, browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Yandex are not immune to malware attacks. More than 30,000 devices have been infected with this malware every day since last August.

Microsoft’s research team also said that the malware we are currently most affected by is known as Adrozek. Their statement – “If not identified and blocked, this malware can cause us enough headaches. Initially, Adrozek malware adds browser extensions as needed. It then starts customizing the browser by preparing a specific DLL file for the targeted browser. Then a browser changes the setting and fills the web page with a lot of illegal ads. In this way, by making unnecessary advertisements, it also hides the legitimate advertisements from the search engines. ”

Not only that, but researchers at Microsoft say the malware prevents auto-updates of browsers. This is why Adrojec prevents browsers from restoring or modifying settings in their latest version.

With the help of some statistics, the researchers have given an idea of ​​the depth of the recent malware attack – “We have already identified 159 unique domains, each hosting an average of 16,300 unique URLs. They again spread more than 15,300 unique polymorphic malware samples on the Internet.

Microsoft’s research team claims – “Mozilla Firefox as a browser is the most affected by the adrojack malware. Through this our personal confidential information is being seized by the attackers. In this case, Adrozek is downloading additional .exe file and manipulating our device information, username and password. “Note that this malware is stealing all encrypted data using certain keywords like encryptedUsername, encryptedPassword. They then use the PK11SDR_Decrypt method to hand over all the information to the attackers. ”

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