Jio Google 4G phone worth Rs 4,000 is not coming in December, find out the reason


In December, Geo teamed up with tech giant Google to launch a cheap 4G Android smartphone in India, according to various reports. However, according to a recent report, the Jio Google 4G phone is not coming in December. According to a report by Ninety One Mobiles, the Geo Google 4G phone will not be launched in December for testing. It may still take three months to come to market. So we have to wait until the first quarter of next year for the Jio Google 4G phone.

According to the report, Geo can keep the price of 4G smartphones within Rs 4,000 to realize the dream of building a 2G free India. As a result, 2G feature phone users will also lean towards cheaper 4G smartphones. Geo was reportedly planning to produce 200 million Android smartphones in the next two years.

Jio revolutionized the telecom industry by launching low-cost 4G data four years ago. Following Geo, the rest of the companies are forced to offer cheap 4G services to stay competitive. Then Jio’s feature phone with 4G connectivity, JioPhone caused quite a stir in the market. Over the years, customers have been able to access only a limited number of features on cheap basic phones. Geo completely changed that idea. As a result, Geo is now making final preparations to take the smartphone market by storm.

Nothing special is yet to be known about Geo’s upcoming 4G Android smartphone. However, like the cheap Android phones, it may come with the Android Go version. Since Qualcomm has already invested ৭ 96 million in the Reliance Jio platform. So it can be assumed that it may have Snapdragon chipset. On the other hand, Reliance Jio may soon bring “Jio exclusive” smartphones to India in association with Chinese smartphone company Vivo. According to a report in the Economic Times, Jio is currently in talks with multiple companies to bring their own smartphones. These phones will be priced around Rs 6,000.

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