Khalistani anti-farm law protestor in United states of america says Gandhi was a rapist

On Saturday, Khalistani features in the US under the guise of protesting in opposition to the farm legal guidelines in India defaced and vandalised a statue of MK Gandhi in Washington DC. The Pro-Khalistani components desecrated Gandhi’s statue by placing up Khalistani flags on his bust that is situated in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington.

The Khalistani sympathisers not only vandalised MK Gandhi’s statue outdoors the Indian Embassy but also abused ‘father of the nation’ by referring to him as a rapist and the one who was complacent to slavery. Just one of the protestors even went on to suggest that MK Gandhi was considerably less than a respectable human being.

Mansimran Singh, one of the organisers of the rally in solidarity with the alleged farmers protest in India defended the vandalism of MK Gandhi’s statue. In accordance to Singh, Gandhi was a image of British colonialism and added that his statues have to have to be taken down as he was rapist, complacent to slavery.

Singh, drawing a comparison concerning MK Gandhi and the confederates who fought in opposition to the United States of America during the American Civil War, stated, “In The usa, all accomplice statues were vandalised and now they have been taken down. The persons rose and said one thing that we discredit earlier figures who were being rapists, slave owners and also complacent to rapists and slavery. So was Gandhi”.

The Khalistani protestor defending the vandalism explained, “Look at his writings and rates when he lived in South Africa, he acted as an adjudicator to British colonialism administration to handle African-American lesser. There are several allegations upon him that have been verified of him becoming a rapist, a lot less than a first rate human being”

He also claimed that the Gandhi statues have been taken down all around the environment. Why not this 1? he asked.

Protestor defends Khalistani hijacking of ‘farmer protests’ in India

The protestor also reported that the protest is not specifically against the federal government but in assistance of the farmers. It is from the current administration there. We see this monthly bill as eradication of our society, he included.

“For me, we are just yet another group that supports the farmers,” the Khalistani protestor added.

Openly support anti-India agenda, the protestors said, “Where does Khalistan arrive from? In the last 35 several years, you have found this activism develop. Why does not India check with that problem to its individual folks or its have authorities as to why we have this.”

Speaking about Khalistan flags in the course of the protest, he reported, “The organisers will elevate the Khalistan issue on yet another platform on a further working day. We want the media to issue on the farmers’ problem. This is not a regional issue.”

This is the 2nd time that the Gandhi’s statue faced vandalism in this year. Before, the protestors had vandalised the statues on June 3 throughout the George Floyd protests.

It is also important to notehow Khalistani sympathisers have hijacked the ‘farmer protests’ in India and are working with to more their secessionist agenda. Foreign-based Khalistanis and sure entertainers with a shady record have been particularly vocal over the system of these protests.