Learn how to hide someone else’s WhatsApp status

In early 2016, WhatsApp launched a status feature like Facebook or Snapchat Story, which disappeared after 24 hours. This status feature is very popular among WhatsApp users. Most users share different moments, feelings or favorite things in this status section.

Not only that, many users now speak less and express themselves more in status. In this case, many of us want to see the status of a particular person invisibly. But if someone’s WhatsApp status scene, that user can know that you have seen his status. However, if you want, you can use a simple strategy to see someone’s WhatsApp status without informing them.

In this case, the old option called ‘Read receipt’ may be helpful. If this option of WhatsApp is off, even if someone sends a message, the sender will not see the blue tick, that is, it is not possible to understand whether he has seen his message. This option is also applicable for viewing hidden status. To use this option, go to the Privacy section from WhatsApp settings and turn off the Read receipt option by scrolling a little.

Let me tell you, if this option is off, you can see the status of any user in your contact without informing him. But at the same time you don’t know if anyone is watching your set status. In addition, as soon as the Read receipt is turned on, another user will understand that you have seen his message or status. So either you have to keep the option on or off!