Marijuana Cultivation: The Stages of Plant Growth

With over 700 different types of cannabis strains, there is much to learn about marijuana cultivation. In order to produce marijuana that is high in quality and potency, you’ll want to start with understanding the stages of plant growth.

The following guide will walk you through the different phases a marijuana plant goes through, from germination to harvest.

1. Germination Stage

The first step in marijuana cultivation is germination, where the seed begins to grow into a plant. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on the strain of marijuana.

It’s important to know that your seeds are mature enough before planting. An immature seed will not germinate most of the time.

You can tell if a seed has matured by looking and feeling it. Mature seeds will have a shiny brown look to them and when you touch them, they will be hard and dry.

2. Seeding Stage

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, the seeding stage is one of the most important. Once the seeds have germinated, they will enter into the seeding stage. This is where the marijuana plant begins to grow its root system.

For the first few days, it’s important to keep the soil moist but not wet. You can do this by watering the soil twice a day. Make sure to avoid over-watering or drowning the plant. This can end up stunting growth or even killing the plant.

3. Vegetative Stage

The next stage of growing weed is the vegetative stage. Once the seedling has developed seven sets of leaves, it will enter into this stage.

This is where the cannabis plant will start to grow exponentially. Its stem will become thicker and taller, it will produce more leaves and branches, and its root system will become more established.

Growers will typically begin to top and train plants during the vegetative stage. This involves trimming off the top of the plant so that it grows into a bushier shape.

4. Pre-Flowering Stage

The pre-flowering stage is when the cannabis plant begins to prepare for flowering. This process usually takes around two weeks. When you learn how to grow weed, this is the stage that can be the most exciting, as you can tell what sex the plant is at this stage.

Females will have two pistils on the buds while the male will have a small sack full of pollen.

5. Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is when the plant begins to produce buds and producing marijuana. This process is triggered by the amount of light the plant receives. The plant needs to receive less than 12 hours of light a day in order for it to enter into the flowering stage.

When the pistils turn from white to a reddish-orange color, it’s time to harvest your plant.

6. Harvesting Stage

Once the colors change, it’s time to harvest. During this process, you’ll need to cut down the small brands and begin drying and caring for them. Caring for your plant after harvest is a very important process in order to keep your plant high quality.

After harvest, it’s time to test your plants with infrared spectroscopy.¬†This process is an analytical technology tool that can provide THC and CBD estimations.

Marijuana Cultivation for Your Cannabis Business

Follow these stages for your cannabis business and marijuana cultivation. A deep understanding of the plant and its life cycles will help you produce the best and most potent products.

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