Millions of attempts have been made to hack the websites of Indian vaccine manufacturers to steal the formula

The whole world is now looking for a ‘vaccine’. In fact, there is a lot of research going on in the scientific community of different countries about the corona virus vaccine. All countries want to produce vaccines in their own countries. As a result, the vaccine formula is no less valuable than any hidden treasure in the current situation. That is why attempts are being made to steal vaccine formulas in various dishonest ways. In the last few months, websites of healthcare and vaccine manufacturers in India have become targets of cyber attacks. From October 1 to November 25, more than 6 million cyber attacks have been detected in all these cases. This information comes from a recently published report by the CyberPeace Foundation.

In the report, the researchers wrote, “The research department of the CyberPeace Foundation, Kovid-19, has noticed an increase in the number of cyber attacks during hypertension. Our Simulated Health Department-based Threat Intelligence Sensor Network has received a total of 543,425 attacks in October and a total of 1,643,179 attacks in November (so far). ”

It is important to note that systems that did not have a very good security system were subjected to cyber attacks immediately after the Internet connection. The study also found that hackers had easy access to such systems, even when remote desktop protocols were enabled. Older Windows servers are also more prone to cyber attacks.

According to the researchers, there have been several ransomware attacks on health since the onset of Corona epilepsy. Let me tell you, ransomware is a malware that enters your system and disables the system. The attacker then demands money to fix the system again. Corona situation has led to ransomware attacks in various fields like medical stores, billing systems etc. Among the most used ransomware at this time are ‘NetWalker ransomware’, ‘PonyFinal ransomware’, ‘Maze ransomware’ etc.

Prior to CyberPeace’s new report, Microsoft also drew attention to cyber attacks on seven major companies involved in vaccine discovery from three hacker groups. The attacks targeted mainly pharma companies in the United States, Canada, France, South Korea and India. According to Microsoft, the attacks were carried out by hackers from Russia and South Korea. Behind them was the government approval of the country concerned. Microsoft strongly condemned the incident. This Cyberpiece report once again showed the level at which the vaccine war between the big states is taking people.