Nasa Perseverance rover sends again 1st photographs from Mars

A next round of cheers and applause erupted in the command room as the images arrived minutes just after landing.

Partially obscured by a dust cover, the first image was a perspective from one particular of the Perseverance’s hazard cameras.

It confirmed the flat, rocky surface of the Jezero crater.

The very first visuals get there times right after NASA?s Perseverance Mars roverspacecraft efficiently touched down on Mars / by means of REUTERS

The rover twitter account tweeted the image with the caption “Hello, planet. My first seem at my for good dwelling. #CountdownToMars”

A second picture taken by a digicam on board the spacecraft confirmed a perspective from behind the rover of the Jezero Crater.

The mission is carrying the most cameras at any time to deep area – 23 are part of the rover by itself, when two are on Ingenuity.

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, which will fly quick distances from the rover in the first attempt at run, controlled flight on a different earth.