Navjot Singh Sidhu invokes ‘Hum Dekhenge’ to assist farmer protests

The farmer protests emanating from Punjab have turn out to be the focal position for a various strands of harmful politics. Khalistanis have been making an attempt to hijack the exact for quite some time and several incendiary feedback have been manufactured by some of the protesting ‘farmers’. And now, it is apparent that opposition political parties are trying to engage in an extremely perilous match.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, senior leader of the Congress get together, invoked the Islamist ‘Hum Dekhenge’ poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the exact same that was raised so routinely by Islamist anti-CAA protesters. He posted a clip of himself reciting poetry with visuals of the protests. In the poem, he invoked the strains “Sab taj uchhaley jaayenge, Sab takht giraye jaayenge” from the poem by Faiz.

The Communist Social gathering of India (Marxist-Leninist) also invoked the same language to affirm their support for the farmer protests. The words that comply with these traces in the poem are, “Bas naam rahega Allah ka”.

Before, Shaheen Bagh ‘dadi’ Bilkis Bano was also noticed at these protests and she has been incredibly vocal about these protests. There have been concerns from the pretty beginning that the farmer protests were heading the Shaheen Bagh way with tries getting created to block roadways in the countrywide funds. And now, it appears that slogans that were being invoked throughout the anti-CAA protests are also remaining lifted.

The poem was invoked extensively during the anti-CAA protests. It carries the concept that “When All Idols Will Be Removed… Only Allah’s Name Will Remain”. The invocation of the poem in the anti-CAA protests captivated excellent criticism from individuals throughout the board. But it appears that the opposition functions are keen to offend Hindu sentiments yet again to score political points.