Netflix is ​​showing for free in India from today, find out who will get it

As expected, Netflix’s StreamFest event starts today. During this event, Indian users will be able to access the Netflix library for free for 48 hours or two days, without the need for any bank card details. Until 11:59 pm tomorrow, December 8, users will be able to watch any Netflix movie, show or web series, but their video streaming quality will be limited to Standard-Definition (SD). To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, users simply need to go to the website from an internet browser or download the Netflix app, go to the Streamfest tab, sign up for free and create a Netflix account or profile.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need credit card or debit card information to enjoy this special offer from Netflix. In this case, the user only needs to create a profile using his name, email ID, phone number and a password. After signing up from the browser, users will be able to watch Netflix content from their Android or iOS device, SmartTV. In addition, streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast and Netflix shows of choice can be viewed on any internet browser. After this offer expires, users will need to choose a specific subscription plan to use Netflix.

Incidentally, last September this popular OTT platform announced the ‘Streamfest’ event. At that time, it was said that from December 4, the facility to use Netflix for free will be given for two days. Then, from October, the American company started promoting that the day of the ‘Streamfest’ event was set for December 5 and 6. The event will feature domestic as well as international programs.

According to Netflix, they have already received a huge response from Indians at the event. People have responded so enthusiastically to this event that users are now facing some issues when accessing Stream-Fest. However, the company tweeted that all users who see the message “StreamFest is at capacity” when launching Netflix due to Stream-Fest have nothing to worry about. Those who create a Netflix profile with their email ID or phone number must have two days of free access.