Now’s Your Opportunity to Acquire a Restricted-Version Wendy’s Cell phone Since lolwut lol haha

The Wendy's phone with the text "introducing the phone you didn't know you needed, until now."

Toss absent your Apple iphone. Toss your Samsung Galaxy system in a fire. Chuck your Google Pixel out the vehicle window. You really don’t need to have all those telephones any longer, for the reason that you are fully commited to profitable one particular of 20 constrained-edition Wendy’s Telephones in a crazed Canada-distinctive Twitter raffle.

Wendy’s phone calls its limited-version smartphone a $600 worth, but from an aesthetic standpoint, I come across that it is value a lot more than all the spicy nuggets in the world. It packs a 6.4-inch Hd+ exhibit, a rear fingerprint sensor, and a tri-digital camera array with “more megapixels than the Baconator has bacon,” however I really do not have the actual specs to back up that previous assert. (I believe that the cameras are Wendy’s-french-fry high-quality. As in, they’re not excellent, so you have to dip them in a frosty to make them style fantastic.)

Wendy's phone with the text "Just say

Significant image, it is a smartphone with a crimson shell and a customized Wendy’s-flavored Android OS. You can stick a SIM card in it and use it like any other phone—oh wait, there is also a Wendy’s voice assistant that you can inquire for directions or jokes. Now’s the time to whip out that a long time-aged “where’s the beef” point that is permanently imprinted on your brain. Or make bizarre frosty jokes, or regardless of what.

Signing up for Wendy’s raffle is effortless. Basically open up the Wendy’s application (Android/iOS) and press the heart icon up coming to your favored foods. Then, just take a screenshot and tweet it out with #WendysPhone and #Contest hashtags. Bear in head that Wendy’s will only send phones to people residing in Canada. You can read through the full conditions and circumstances on the Wendy’s Canada site.

This may well be the most successful, effective, positive factor you ever do on Twitter. Remember to never make any silly jokes like I have. THIS IS A Really serious Second.

Supply: Wendy’s