Oppo offers the best service after selling the phone, far behind Samsung

When buying a new smartphone, the first thing that comes to mind is the brand of the phone and its customer service. Because in case of any problem with the phone in the future, proper customer service is very important. So far Samsung has surpassed all other smartphone brands in terms of this service in India. But in a recent survey, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is far ahead of Samsung. Market research firm Counterpoint conducted this survey where Oppo has gained the most human credibility in terms of after sales customer service. Oppo is followed by names like Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung.

It is clear in this survey of Counterpoint called ‘Smartphone After-Sales Service Study’ that Chinese smartphone companies have won the trust of Indians in terms of customer service! The survey was conducted in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida and Ahmedabad. The survey polled about a thousand people. As buyers they describe their own customer experience. In this case, one out of every four smartphone owners has been selected.

The results of the survey, however, are quite surprising. It shows that eight out of ten smartphone users are quite happy with their customer experience. In this case, the Chinese brand Oppo is number one. They have satisfied about 93 percent of the people in terms of after sales service. Chinese companies Vivo and Xiaomi ranked second and third, respectively, with 75 and 81 percent customer satisfaction, respectively. Surprisingly, Samsung is at the end of it all in terms of customer satisfaction!

Not only that, in terms of turnaround time, Oppo has retained its place. This is followed by Realme. In this case, the two brands have been able to satisfy 73 and 72 percent of buyers, respectively. It has been seen that the buyers of Oppo and Realmy have returned their handsets from the service center during the day. Vivo ranks third in terms of turnaround time, pleasing 8 percent of customers.

Oppo has set many more examples in counterpoint surveys. About half of all the people who come to their service center have met the appropriate representative in just fifteen minutes. In this case, Samsung and Xiaomi are in the second and third place. Oppo, however, has overtaken Samsung in making spare parts. Again Xiaomi has won the hearts of their buyers in terms of explaining the problem. Xiaomi also lags behind in terms of knowledge, skills and customer support. The same applies to problem solving through software updates. Most of the Xiaomi buyers did not have to physically attend the service center. Vivo and Oppo are not far behind in terms of this service.

Also, according to the survey, in just two encounters, nine out of ten smartphone users’ problems have been solved. As can be seen, Oppo and Xiaomi have also been able to satisfy most of the buyers in terms of fast treatment of the phone.