Outrage in Taiwan soon after 154 smuggled cats euthanised


aiwan authorities are facing criticism over a final decision to euthanise 154 cats rescued from a pet smuggling procedure.

Animal fans are furious immediately after the cats have been put down on Saturday, sparking phone calls to improve laws and raise penalties.

The group of cats, recognized as a clowder, integrated British Shorthair, Russian Blue, Ragdoll and Persian American Shorthair breeds and experienced an estimated worth of $10 million New Taiwan Pounds, or £261,800.

The cats were uncovered on a fishing vessel from China, packed into 62 cages, close to 40 nautical miles off the coast of Kaohsiung in southwest Taiwan.

Government officials opted to euthanise the animals due to the fact their origin was unfamiliar and they posed a biosecurity possibility, the Guardian described.

Pics emerged of the cats and kittens lined up in cages at a federal government facility before they ended up culled.

Citizens and animal legal rights groups questioned why they could not be handled or positioned into quarantine.

Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen said in a assertion she was saddened by the information and an amendment of the regulation should be thought of so smuggled animals can be treated a lot more humanely.

The politician, a acknowledged cat lover, expressed her “strongest condemnation to the smugglers” who “treat life as an illegal cargo.”

In her late night time social media post, she added: “We must, by way of the modification of the regulation, allow the law enforcement units to carry out the implementation of the scenario so that it can be a lot more in line with the spirit of humanity and the procedure can be more substantial.”