Pakistan punished for anti-Israel stand, loses 3000 employment just after UAE visa ban

A couple of days ago, just a thirty day period following signing a visa waiver arrangement with Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had stopped issuing visas to citizens of 13 countries such as Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Most of these 13 nations are Muslim bulk nations. The mentioned position at the time was that it was because of to ‘security concerns’. As the round to suspend issuing visas to as a lot of as 13 countries came into effect from the 18th of November, Pakistan is one particular state that has been hit adversely by this visa ban. Reportedly, Pakistanis have lost about 3,000 jobs just within a week following the visa ban by UAE.

In the aftermath of the drastic selection, about 3000 Pakistanis have dropped their work visas in the UAE. As per reports, a recruitment company in Rawalpindi had by itself witnessed a loss of 3000 positions because the ban arrived into power. Pakistan, which has already been struggling with financial distress, is probably to undergo a substantial decline.

While the visa ban was initially restricted to vacationer visas, it was afterwards prolonged to work and perform visas. “As per the newest circular launched by the Immigration Office Entry Permit Applications (for people outside the region), applications for new employment visa and new pay a visit to visa (extended, small and tourist), will be suspended until eventually further discover,” read a letter by the Dubai Airport No cost Zone.

As of 2019, all-around 2.11 lac Pakistanis worked in the UAE and ship annual international remittances of $4 billion. Alongside with Pakistan, 12 other nations with anti-Israel stand have been handed out ban on the concern of new visas. It is thought that Pakistan might witness identical visa bans from other Gulf nations around the world in foreseeable long run.

According to EurasiaTimes, In 2016, Pakistan sent 3,26,000 staff to the UAE, 2,90,000 in 2016, 2,75,000 in 2017, 2,08,000 in 2018, 2,11,000 in 2019 and even for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak right up until Oct, 51,000 Pakistanis went to the Gulf nation for employment.

Has UAE banned visas for Pakistan owing to ‘security concerns’ and ‘Coronavirus concerns’?

There is an attention-grabbing facet to the visa ban imposed by the UAE on Pakistan, in accordance to Eurasia Instances. In accordance to the report, even ahead of the relations among UAE and Israel were normalised, Israel had demanded that Pakistan accepts Israel and stops its tirade from the country. In point, Israeli newspaper Hareetz on August 11, 2020, titled ‘Pakistan’s Rejection of Israel Threatens Pakistani Lives’, indicated that Israel was prepared to journey the distance if Pakistan did not recognise them as a country.

The moment the relations normalised between Israel and UAE and Pakistan refused to relent on its anti-Israel stand, to mail a information, UAE had ‘gifted’ Israel and embassy on Pakistan’s Independence Day. When Pakistan still not generate, UAE set a ‘temporary’ maintain on issuing visas to Pakistan.

Pakistan has reportedly been unable to arrive in terms with the selection of the UAE governing administration. It is hoping for some peace as the ban was at first on tourist visas and supposedly connected to mounting Coronavirus circumstances. However, Pakistan Senator Anwer Baig had highlighted that the ban was certain to Pakistan, which experienced lacs of personnel in UAE.

Whilst Pakistan tried out to pass off the visa ban as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Eurasia Moments notes that the motive they are trying to promote to their men and women is possibly a hogwash due to the fact visas from several other international locations, which include India, is allowed. It would, consequently, make no perception to ban visas to only a handful of international locations.

It is also interesting to note that all the 13 nations which have been debarred from entry into the UAE are Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Yemen, and other Muslim countries, and what is prevalent among the these nations is that none of them have recognized Israel.  The only exception in the listing is perhaps Turkey, that at minimum has an Israeli embassy but their Islamist stand is not hidden to any one.

UAE-Israel visa waiver agreement

What lends more credence to the concept that UAE has imposed a visa ban on Pakistan for the reason that of its anti-Israel stand, is the final decision that arrives suitable soon after the two nations (UAE and Israel) had signed a visa waiver settlement, enabling citizens of the international locations to stop by just about every other with no demanding a visa.

The two nations around the world had signed various agreements just after the US-brokered peace agreement signed in September. Aside from the visa waiver, UAE and Israel experienced also signed agreements on cooperation in aviation, expenditure, science and technologies. Just after signing the visa waiver agreement on October 19 in Tel Aviv, UAE had ratified it on 1st November, and Israel ratified the arrangement on 23rd November. This is the to start with this kind of agreement involving an Arab country and a Jewish nation.