Pay in advance Pay in installments, Paytm Postpaid EMI service is launched

Usually Paytm users fill their wallet with money first and then use it. But many people may not know that Paytm also offers a postpaid service. These services include a credit amount paid for by Paytm. After using that credit, the user has to pay the same amount. Until now, users had to deposit all the money used together. But this time Paytm came up with EMI service for postpaid users. This means that from now on postpaid users will not have to pay a lot of money at once. They can also use Paytm by depositing a certain amount of money every month. Let’s find out the details.

L EMI service for Paytm Postpaid users

Paytm’s “Buy now and Pay later” facility is available on over 5 lakh stores and websites in India. Paytm is providing this facility so that the customers do not have to go to their pockets to buy the necessary items. However, the money spent in this manner had to be paid by the customers together later. But with the advent of EMI, there have been many benefits.

Paytm gives postpaid users a credit of up to Rs 1 lakh. There is a possibility of increasing this amount if the money is paid on time. From now on, customers will be able to deposit the credit money together or in monthly installments.

Incidentally, Paytm will give customers a monthly bill to show the amount spent each month. This bill will show the details of all the expenses of the customer in detail. Customers will also be able to convert the transaction to EMI within 7 days of generating the bill. Then you can pay in easy monthly installments.

Users can pay through various means like debit card, credit card, UPI etc. But let me inform you that Paytm Postpaid EMI is not interest free at all. Some small amount of interest will be associated with EMI.

It is pertinent to mention that currently 6 million users in India use Paytm postpaid service. Paytm plans to increase this number to 150 lakh by March 2021. That is probably why they are offering such a tempting offer.