Phillips approaches court to ban Xiaomi’s phone sales in India

Xiaomi’s demand or popularity in the Indian market, you do not have to say again! But because of the sale of this phone, this time the company is going to stand on the fence. According to sources, Phillips, another popular electronics brand, has approached the Delhi High Court seeking a ban on the sale of Xiaomi phones in India. As a result of the case, the Delhi High Court has ordered Xiaomi to contact the court within the next one month.

What exactly is the fight tied to?

Thus, competition between different companies to sell products in the market is not a new issue. But Phillips alleges that the Chinese tech giant is doing business in the Indian market by exceeding the patent limit on phone sales. And so, Philips has filed a lawsuit in India seeking a ban on the production, assembly, advertising and sale of Xiaomi’s products.

According to the report, the Netherlands-based company mentioned in the lawsuit certain Xiaomi phones that violated certain patent limits. No information has been found about the names or models of the phones, but they are said to have technologies such as UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunication System Enhancement (HSPA, HSPA +) and LTE (Long Term Evolution).

Philips, meanwhile, has asked the court to issue a special order to the Central Excise and Customs Office and the country’s customs authority so that Xiaomi can no longer import phones through Indian ports.

For now, the Delhi High Court has ordered the defendants to keep a minimum balance of Rs 1,000 crore in the Indian bank accounts of Shaomi and other defendants and to present their case to the defendants. It is learned that the case will be heard on January 17, 2021 next year.