Piaggio Aprilla’s electric scooter may hit the market soon


Vespa and Aprilla, owned by Piaggio, are two well-known names in the two-wheeler industry. According to Vespa, the petrol-powered retro design scooter has a presence in the electric vehicle or EV segment as well. The company’s electric scooter Vespa Elettrica is now being sold in several international markets. Another company controlled by Piaggio, Aprilla is famous for its sporty design performance-centric two-wheelers. However, in the distant future, Aprilla may also bring electric scooters to the market.

According to a recent report, Piaggio has filed a new trademark “eSR1”. As a result, the company is set to begin work on the Aprilla branded electric scooter. According to the latest report, the European Intellectual Property Office has published a trademark application with the logo “eSR1” on the Stylized Front. Although it is not disclosed who filed it, there is no reference to the Piaggio Group. However, the SR part of this trademark matches exactly with the logo that Aprilla uses for its SR range scooters. Undoubtedly, Piaggio is behind this trademark. On the other hand, it is easy to understand that the prefix “e” in the trademark is indirectly referring to the electric meaning.

It is also heard that Jacobacci & Partners SPA has filed the trademark on behalf of Piaggio. Please note that this firm manages Piaggio’s intellectual property matters.

Since the Vespa Group owned by Piaggio is already available in the Vespa Elettrica electric scooter market. In that case, Vespa Elettrica’s components may be used in the upcoming eSR1 electric scooter in April. This will save you time and money on Piaggio’s research and development. However, since the Aprilla scooters available in the market are performance oriented. So eSR1 can come with sporty design and high performance. Hopefully, Piaggio will unveil it as a concept model soon.

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