PowerDirector from Google Chrome can be dangerous if you use these ten apps


From learning English to online dating or money transactions – there are many apps to meet your needs. We install them on our smartphones without thinking of seven or five. But in most cases, these apps are not secure or reliable. Attackers take advantage of their internal vulnerabilities to commit various cyber crimes. Cyber ​​security firm Check Point recently unveiled ten such apps that cannot protect users’ personal information. In that case, checkpoint researchers have advised us to refrain from using these apps.

We must find out which apps are in the list of Check Point. But first let’s talk about how these apps use our personal information, passwords or financial details for their own benefit. In fact, cyber criminals inject various malicious codes into them, taking advantage of the app’s internal vulnerabilities. Through this they collect our personal information and use it for various malicious purposes. Never again do they make a profit by selling them to a third party source.

One such security vulnerability above is CVE-2020-8913. Checkpoint researchers have recently identified it. With such vulnerabilities, cybercriminals can steal the personal information we need. Apps listed on Check Point are vulnerable to such security vulnerabilities. Let’s take a look at this list of checkpoints.

1. Older version of Google Chrome – Google Chrome tops the list of checkpoints. It is not at all reliable in terms of security. Attackers can inject Dedicated payload into it by exploiting its weakness. Once injected, this payload can collect all the data in the app such as history, bookmarks, cookies. They also use Chrome’s device access to collect and use information from other apps. To avoid this trend, it is advisable to download the updated new version of Chrome immediately.

2. Older versions of Viber and Booking – Checkpoint researchers have suggested using new updates to these two apps.

3. Grindr – Users of this app are also wary. This can get your account details, passwords or other important information into the hands of On.

4. Bumble – Check Point claims that there are multiple loopholes in previous versions of this app. The makers are trying to bring a new update.

5. OkCupid – This app also suffers from the same security issues mentioned above.

. Cisco Teams – It is better to refrain from using this app until the latest update.

. Yango Pro (Taximeter) – Popular as a navigation app, this application can smuggle our data using all the permissions of the device.

. Microsoft Edge – Checkpoint recommends refraining from using older versions of this app.

9. Xrecorder – This app is not completely secure either. As a result, it should wait until the update with the new security patch.

10. PowerDirector – Like many other apps, it has multiple security issues.