Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a ‘self-reliant India’ centered on the mobile industry


IMC 2020, India’s fourth mobile congress event, has started from today and will continue till tomorrow. The three-day virtual meeting was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Besides inaugurating the conference, the Prime Minister also said a number of things to the people of the country. According to him, the country’s advanced mobile technology has helped a lot in fighting the Corona epidemic. In other words, he claims that India is far ahead in telecommunication technology. The fact that the Modi government is keen to increase the country’s education, health, business, etc. by bringing technological revolution in the coming days – is clearly indicated in the Mobile Congress event.

Referring to the newly launched fiber optical connections between the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at the event, the Prime Minister said the government would try to establish high speed optical fiber networks in every village in India within the next three years. He also assured that 5G services would be launched in the country very soon to keep pace with the world.

Appearing via video conference, the Prime Minister further said that in the last few months, India, as a hub for mobile manufacturing, has been considered as a preferred destination by various companies. To bring about the digital revolution in India, the government has introduced Production Linked Incentive or PIL scheme. But without the support of the people, India will not be able to become a global hub for the development of telecom equipment, he said. Therefore, in today’s speech, he urged everyone to come forward to build a ‘self-reliant India’ centered on the mobile industry. Mr Modi made it clear that the government and various investors are keen to invest in the development of the country’s telecommunications technology.

According to the Prime Minister, the number of Internet users in India has increased tremendously in the last four years. Digital hunger is also on the rise in rural areas of the country. He claims that the country’s tariffs are much lower than in other parts of the world. He thinks that digital development is capable of bringing about the overall development of the nation and the country in the future.