Railofy will give real-time PNR status of train tickets on WhatsApp

This time Railofy introduced special facilities for rail passengers. India’s first WL (Wet Listed) and RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) platform, today launched a new feature that allows train passengers to know real-time PNR (Passenger Name Record) status and all other information of train journeys through WhatsApp. To avail this facility, users only need to share their ten digit PNR number on Railofy’s specific WhatsApp number (+919881193322).

In a statement, the company said that ordinary IRCTC users verify their PNR status 10 to 20 times during their journey to their destination. For this reason, PNR status is searched more than 10 million times per month on Google. But with Railofy’s new WhatsApp service, users can now easily get regular updates on PNR status and other train information (such as train delays, live stations, etc.) via chat. In addition, users will receive notifications about their next station on WhatsApp while on the train.

Incidentally, the USP or goal of Railfi, launched in September this year, is to provide other alternative means of travel at the cost of train tickets, so that Indian passengers get affordable, convenient and or timely service. Passengers will be able to purchase special protection for their tickets from the Railofy Android app and mobile site (www.railofy.com). For this they have to spend from 50 rupees to an average of 200 rupees.

Also, Railofy provides flight tickets at almost the same price as their train or bus ticket if no passenger’s ticket is confirmed in post chart preparation. In addition, the company sets the most affordable price when booking a ticket, so that passengers can rest assured even if the last minute ticket fare increases.