Recently elected NZ MP Gaurav Sharma qualified for having oath in Sanskrit

There has been a sample of activism in new-periods that has sought to concentrate on Hindu politicians in the West for their religion and brand name all Hindu spiritual symbolism and festivals as beacons for Hindutva. Aside from politicians, efforts have also been produced to tarnish the reputation of Hindu organisations and regular citizens to rake up polarising challenges these kinds of as caste.

Consistent with this sample, a journalist in New Zealand targeted recently elected New Zealand MP Gaurav Sharma for getting his oath in Sanskrit. Michael Subject, the journalist, claimed that Sanskrit is a language of “religious oppression” and “caste superiority”. He also claimed Sanskrit is a “mark of Hindutva”, a “mark of fundamentalism”.

Baseless allegations from Sharma

Gaurav Sharma responded to the slander by Field in a reasonable manner. He claimed, “I discuss numerous Indian languages and wanted to choose a language that would depict the extensive range of latest languages spoken in India. At in excess of 3500 several years previous, Sanskrit is the oldest and regarded the mom language of a lot of Indian languages that originated from it.”

“I researched Sanskrit at a smaller college in a rural aspect of India the place it is a obligatory element of education curriculum for each individual pupil, not just one particular class or society,” he added. Using a jibe at the journalist, he remarked, “If you do want to chat about oppression and course divide, a bit ironical that your mom tongue and your tweet is in English. Colonialism…”

Michael Field did not depart it at that, nevertheless. Even right after the sound rationalization, he preferred to know ‘why not Hindi?’. All over again, Gaurav Sharma patiently defined to him the good reasons for his steps.

The position of the subject, nevertheless, is that Gaurav Sharma need to not be put in a posture the place he has to clarify why he took his oath in Sanskrit amidst absurd fees of bigotry. Sanskrit is one particular of the classical languages of the planet. It is the language of the Vedas and the Upanishads, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It is verily the language of the Gods.

Nevertheless, there has been an organised campaign by the Left to brand name Sanskrit a ‘mark of Hindutva’. It further more reveals that when they claim to be from ‘Hindutva’, what they genuinely imply is that they are versus any public demonstration of Hindu identification or the celebration of it. That is why any particular person in community limelight who takes pride in his or her Hindu tradition is subjected to slander.

US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard confronted related Hinduphobia when she announced her presidential run. She was accused of being sympathetic and obtaining ties to ‘Hindutva Nazis’. She was subjected to these types of weird allegations throughout her campaign. And now, the slander becoming peddled towards Sharma in New Zealand for getting his oath in Sanskrit only even further demonstrates the pattern that is rising.

Amusingly sufficient, the newly elected NZ MP also took oath in the indigenous Maori language. But that appears to have been summarily disregarded by his detractors. Gaurav Sharma was congratulated by the Indian High Commission to New Zealand Muktesh Pardeshi as very well. He said, “Dr Gaurav Sharma, one of the youngest, newly elected MP in NZ Parliament took oath nowadays, first in NZ’s indigenous Maori language, followed by India’s classical language- Sanskrit, showing deep respect for cultural traditions of both India and New Zealand.”