Register in India is PUBG Mobile India, waiting only for government clearance

There is no end to the practice of re-launching PUBG Mobile in India. A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that the popular game is coming back to India. However, since the Ministry of Information Technology of the Government of India imposed a special law banning this Battle-Royal game, many have questioned how the PUBG Mobile game will be available again. There were even reports that the game was having trouble getting official approval. However, it is clear from the recent news that it is time for the game to return to India. According to reports, three days ago, the gaming company Pubji India Pvt Ltd was registered in India as a subsidiary or subsidiary of a foreign company. As a result, the company is expected to be able to do business in India without any hindrance.

Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hunil Sohan are in charge of Pubji India Pvt. Ltd. In this context, let me tell you, Kumar Krishnan is the Director of ACCUWEATHER India, Spotify India and a few others. However, from now on all the work and transactions between Pubji Mobile India and Pubji Corporation will be done through this subsidiary. It is learned that the subsidiary has received approval of Rs. 15,00,000 as capital out of which it has to pay Rs. 500,000.

In the last few months, Pubji Corporation has taken several steps to strengthen the foundation of the gaming business in the global market. For example, earlier this month, Pubz Corporation’s parent company, Crafton, partnered with Microsoft Azure to manage games in India and around the world. As a result of this agreement, all the laws or regulations related to the protection of users’ personal information will be easily complied with, said Pubji Corporation.

Not only that, a few days ago, the company said that it will organize a special e-sport for Indian players only, so that there will be a chance to win Rs 6 crore as a prize. As a result, it is not yet known when the Pubji mobile game will be re-launched, but it is expected that it will soon get clearance from the Indian government.