Reliance Jio has been hit hard by Airtel in terms of number of active subscribers


Competition between different telecom operators in India is nothing new. Every telecom company wants to retain their customers by providing various lucrative offers and good customer service. Not only that, in order to survive in the market, they do not constantly try to increase the number of their active users. In that sense, Reliance Jio now dominates the country’s telecom sector. However, the latest figures speak volumes about the impact of another telecom company. They are none other than the Bharati Airtel group we all know.

By the way, Airtel has come a long way recently in terms of new subscriber inclusions. However, they have achieved this by relying on the losses of another telecom company, Vi or Vodafone-Idea Limited. It is clear that Vodafone-Idea is currently losing the most customers. In that case Vi customers are turning to other telecom operators. According to the report, Airtel is the biggest beneficiary of this trend. Most of the people who have turned away from Vodafone-Idea are leaning towards Airtel. As a result, Airtel is getting new oxygen to compete with Geo in the market.

However, while Airtel has been able to attract the largest number of customers out of Vi, Reliance Jio is still number one in terms of overall market share. In other words, they are behind all other telecom operators in terms of total number of subscribers.

According to statistics, Geo currently has 317 million active users in its pocket, which is about 33.2 percent of the market. On the other hand, Airtel has a market share of 33 percent in terms of active users. They have about 316 million active subscribers.

According to India’s telecom regulator TRAI, a total of 79 per cent of Geo’s users are active subscribers. Where as in the case of Airtel this number is much higher – about 98 percent. As a result, Airtel has been able to maintain its ‘premium’ tradition in terms of active subscriber base, even as new customers tend to lean more towards Geo. In this situation Vi’s condition is most miserable. Almost every month they are losing countless customers.

Not only in terms of customer base but also in terms of annual revenue, Reliance Geo, Airtel or Vodafone-Idea have done well! However, Airtel is slightly ahead in terms of average revenue per customer. Yet all in all, Geo is now irresistible.

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