Electronics giant Samsung has come up with a bunch of new offers for its customers. The company announced on Tuesday that those who buy a new Galaxy smartphone from Samsung’s exclusive store will receive a membership to Samsung’s Smart Club Loyalty program. There will also be special offers for Samsung Smart Cafe and Samsung Smart Plaza.

With the help of the Samsung Smart Club Loyalty program, customers will get reward points, service coupons and some other attractive benefits when they buy a Galaxy smartphone for the first time. However, in this case, the minimum price of the phone should be 15,000 rupees. Reward points can be used when buying something again from the Samsung Exclusive Store. In addition, customers will receive three vouchers amounting to Rs 6,000 which will be valid till the last day of December. Again, Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Galaxy Tab S7 buyers will get quick updates on their purchases or can easily track the product.

Samsung, on the other hand, is launching special referral programs in its exclusive stores. Samsung customers will get all the interesting rewards when they refer their friends or relatives to buy selected smartphones from the Samsung Exclusive Store. In this case, the referrer will get ‘Smart Club Benefit’ worth Rs 7,500. Again in a successful transaction the referrer and the referee (i.e. those who buy the phone by looking at the reference) – will both get reward points and some money as a reward.

In this case, if you buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G device, the referee will get a reward of Rs 2,500 and the referee will get a prize of Rs 3,000. Similarly, if you refer Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note10 +, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E phones, the referrer will get a reward of Rs. In addition, buyers of Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite will get Rs 1,500 and referrals will get Rs 1,000.

However, the South Korean technology company is not stopping with just prizes or offers. In fact, Samsung has announced that Galaxy smartphone users whose device warranty has been exceeded will now receive a 5% discount coupon at an authorized Samsung service center for smartphone repairs. These coupons can be used at Samsung Smart Cafe, Samsung Smart Plaza and Samsung E-Store. Customers will also benefit from some other existing market offers.

Not only that, after a long wait, Samsung today launched the WhatsApp chatbot which will help customers connect with the nearest Samsung SmartCaf. In this case, those who are interested should send a message by typing “Hi” to the WhatsApp number of Samsung SmartCaf (9870494949). This will allow customers to identify the nearest Samsung SmartCaf, buy items online from the store and book a home demo. In addition, the service allows customers to learn about new offers and product launches.