Samsung is going to bring 600 megapixel camera sensor


When it comes to smartphone cameras, Samsung has surprised us. They have changed the definition of mobile photography by adding high-megapixel count cameras to phones! However, we believe that if their recent efforts are successful, it will break all records of the past. Because according to a recent report, Samsung is making a 600-megapixel camera sensor for smartphones.

“In the coming days, Samsung is going to bring a camera sensor that will go beyond the power of our eyes,” said Yongin Park, president of Samsung’s sensor business. Now in terms of camera technology, we have a 56 megapixel lens in our eyes. So, according to Samsung, in the near future we will see a smartphone with a 600-megapixel camera-sensor.

According to the current prototype, most smartphones have a camera module with a 22mm bulge. It occupies about 12 percent of the phone’s space. So Samsung can use isocell pixel binning technology to make a 600 megapixel camera sensor, so it can be easily attached to a smartphone. By the way, in terms of features, this camera will be 0.8 µm pixels and 1 / .0.58 ”large.

But before the 800 megapixel camera smartphone comes on the market, maybe we will see the use of 150 or 250 megapixel camera in the phones.

However, Samsung is not just working on the camera of the smartphone. On the contrary, they have made it clear that they are interested in using this advanced technology in areas such as agriculture or medicine, in addition to mobile. As a result, we think that in the coming days they will be able to put enough emphasis on preparing cameras for various autonomous vehicles, drones and other IoT devices.

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