Samsung’s foldable phone will be more unique, see design

Looking at the phones with foldable displays in the market, Samsung is far ahead of the others. The South Korean company launched the Galaxy Z Fold last year. Samsung then introduced the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is rumored that Samsung may launch another foldable phone in June next year.

Samsung has recently published two sketches of the Display foldable device known as the display arm. This sketch published on Samsung Display’s Korean blog gives an idea of ​​what kind of flexible display phones may come to the market in the future or what kind of phones Samsung may bring itself.

As can be seen in the first sketch, the trifold design is present here instead of the foldable design available in the market. The biggest advantage of having a trifold display compared to foldable is that if you unfold it, users will get a bigger screen.

Samsung's future foldable phones patent

In addition to the multifold design, the Samsung Display blog has a sketch of a device with a rollable panel. The use of scroll sticks can be seen in the invitation letter. Here is a rolled oiled screen attached to a cylindrical stick. Pulling from one side of the stick will bring up the screen. Please be informed that Samsung has several patents for the technology (three fold and rollable) in both the sketches. Will Samsung then show the next surprise with the launch of these two devices? Undoubtedly, it will become a matter of practice in the coming days.