SBI has joined hands with NPCI to introduce Contactless Debit Card

This time, the state-owned bank State Bank of India (SBI) has teamed up with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch a contactless debit card. Japan’s popular payment brand JCB International has joined the plans of these two domestic companies. Yesterday, Tuesday, the company jointly announced the launch of ‘SBI RuPay JCB Platinum Contactless Debit Card’. This card has a special dual-interface feature, which allows customers to transact in the domestic market as well as overseas.

“Customers will be able to make both communication and contactless transactions in the domestic market through this card,” a notification said. On the other hand, on foreign soil, non-stop transactions can be done. The card also allows customers to transact at ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and POS (Point of Sale) terminals under the JCB network. Using the card again, purchases can be made online from some of JCB’s partner international e-commerce platforms.

According to reports, this new contactless debit card has an additional payment mode, which allows it to support offline wallet-based transactions in RuPay. It will enable customers to load wallets offline and make payments on Indian transport (bus and metro) or retail (merchant).

In this regard, Vidya Krishnan, Chief General Manager, SBI, said that the new tap and pay technology of this card will facilitate secure and fast contactless transactions, making the day-to-day transactions of the customers easier. On the other hand, Yoshiki Kaneko, President and COO of JCB International Company, is quite optimistic that customers will enjoy this card.

In a statement, NPCI COO Praveena Rai said the JCB Platinum Contactless Debit Card, in the form of SBI, could be used in millions of locations around the world. Additionally, customers will have easy access to JCB Plaza lounges located in areas such as Bangkok or Thailand. According to Praveen, the new card, developed in collaboration with SBI and JCB, will provide cardholders with a number of new benefits and services, as well as strengthen India’s business network in the international market.