Speculations rife Donald Trump will pardon Julian Assange

There are potent rumours floating all around that Donald Trump could possibly pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. There is no official confirmation as still but social media is flooded with posts that assert that the United States President will pardon the journalist now documented to be struggling in a British prison.

Pastor Mark Burns, who seems on CNN, Fox Information, MSNBC and other information channels, declared that Donald Trump will pardon Julian Assange. The Wikileaks founder has been indicted by US authorities on 17 prices of espionage and just one charge of laptop misuse similar to the publication of solution US armed service documents.

Ben Quinn, journalist at The Guardian, claimed that sources near to Wikileaks and Assange have not read something official but conceded that the speculation was coming from the pastor who has experienced access to Donald Trump in the previous.

Allum Bokhari, journalist at Breitbart, mentioned that pardoning Julian Assange will be a great blow to “the Deep State that worked overtime” to defeat trump’s reelection bid.

Persons from both of those finishes of the political spectrum had been urging the US President to formally pardon Julian Assange. The activist fully commited to transparency has uncovered quite a few tricks that has humiliated a ton of governments around the globe. Recently, Australian MP George Christensen experienced asked for Donald Trump to pardon the Wikileaks founder. Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard experienced also requested the US President to pardon the Wikileaks founder and Edward Snowden.