Taliban ‘ban barbers from trimming beards’


arbers in Afghanistan’s Helmand province have been banned from shaving or trimming beards, in accordance to stories.

Taliban religious police say it breaches their interpretation of Islamic regulation and everyone violating the rule will be punished, according to the BBC.

Barbers in the funds Kabul say they also acquired very similar orders.

The recommendations counsel a return to the stringent rulings the Taliban adhered to when earlier in ability from 1996 to 2001.

Considering that that time clean-shaven appears to be have come to be preferred and Afghan adult men have frequented salons for trendy cuts.

The see posted on salons in southern Helmand province warned that hairdressers will have to abide by Sharia legislation for haircuts and beards and that “no one has a appropriate to complain,” in accordance to the BBC.

Since having electrical power previous month, the Taliban have carried out harsh punishments on opponents.

In an interview with the Connected Press printed this week, senior Taliban determine Mullah Nooruddin Turabi claimed the team would restore punishments like amputations and executions to discourage criminals.

Regardless of international condemnation, the Taliban have stated they will continue on to impose swift and intense punishments on lawbreakers to quit crimes like theft, murder and kidnapping that experienced turn out to be prevalent in Afghanistan.